What if I have really small/large nail beds?

It is OKAY! Our licensed nail technician has seen it all. Be sure to carefully size ALL of your fingers to purchase a set in a size that’s suitable for you. If your sizes don’t align with an extra small, small, medium, large please choose any size, along with the shape you want, and include your specific measurements in the “special instructions for seller” section before checkout. If you are uncomfortable with measuring yourself, we recommend ordering a sample set for accuracy.

Can I change the style of a set? 
Yes, depending on the extent of change. For example, if you’d prefer a set in matte instead of shiny we recommend including that in the description. If you're wanting to add something like a bling nail or a totally different design, we recommend emailing us at bougieblvddd@gmail.com FIRST. We’re always happy to assist you.

What nail glue do you recommend?

We recommend a professional nail glue such as the KDS nail glue or Cala Super nail glue. Both are available for purchase in the “Press on Nails” and “Add-ons” sections.

Are the nails reusable?

Yes, with adhesive nail tabs. If you choose to use nail glue, we recommend investing in an inexpensive nail drill to clean underneath before reapplying.

How long will the nails stay on?

It depends on the length of the set, customer’s lifestyle, type of adhesive, and nail preparation. Shorter nails tend to last longer than longer nails. Customers who are easier on their nails tend to get a longer wear out of their sets. Prepping the nail properly and using a strong adhesive will extend the amount of time they stay on. All of our sets include detailed instructions to aid.

If I lose a nail, can I order a replacement one?

Yes. Replacement nails can be purchased using the “add-ons” section.

What if the nails I purchased don’t fit?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds or exchanges available for nail sets. They are handcrafted according to the sizes that we are given. If they are a tad bit bigger, we recommend filing to fit. If a few are too small, we recommend purchasing replacement nails.

Are the nails strong?

Yes. Our nails are made with 5 coats of gel polish, some include acrylic and some include hard gel.

How many nails come in each set?

All sets come with 10 nails.

What comes with my nails?

All sets come with a file, buffer block, cuticle pusher, and detailed instructions.

How long are your lashes?

All of our lashes are quality mink, handmade, and 18-22mm long. We are currently working on a new shipment of longer, fuller lashes.

Are your clothing items comfortable?

YES, very!

When will my item(s) be shipped?

All items have different turnaround times, the highest is 4-5 business days. After your order is placed your turnaround time frame will begin. Once it has been handcrafted you will receive a tracking number and notification that it is in route to your delivery address.