About Us

Our Mission

We are committed to making women feel their best. Our owner and founder works diligently, daily to ensure that all customers are serviced with care and quality. We’re here to help you feel and look good.

A Message From Our CEO

My name is Andria Jones. I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. As a child, I always had a passion for beauty; in fact, my nickname growing up was “Bougie.” As a kid, my family would let me practice doing their makeup and nails frequently. I eventually left to attend Clemson University, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biochemistry. It was during my time at Clemson that I wanted to take nails more seriously and decided that I would go to nail school as well. After graduating from Clemson and obtaining my nail technician license, I started my own business and began working for myself from home. After I felt like I was ready to grow my business, I moved to Atlanta, where I now work full-time as a nail technician, instruct nail classes, and run this online store selling accessories and apparel.

The most challenging part of my life was being pregnant while simultaneously working, attending nail school, and finishing my degree at Clemson. After giving birth to my son, my next challenge to overcome was building a business from the ground up and still being a full-time new mother. Finally, taking a leap of faith and moving to Atlanta was frightening. At that point, I was having to juggle being a mom, maintaining a household, and still trying to gain new clientele while finding balance. Today, I’m grateful for the willpower and strength that God’s given me to overcome every obstacle that I’ve encountered throughout this journey.

I’ve learned that growth does not happen without experiencing growing pains and that goes for every aspect of anyone’s life. Some days will be better than others, but there’s still beauty in the ones that aren’t so pleasant. There’s a lesson in everything that we do and experience.

I'm here to spread love, light, and inspiration to other women!